Abelene Rose

At the edge of Abelene
Sucking up time dragging cigarettes in a pocket full of smoke and wine
Is a dusty paradise where Momma’s gotta have a little happy hour
Just enough to blur the yellow lines

Over cornfield oceans, those lonely roads
Seem like they go forever
when the wheel of life has taken it’s toll

She was a beauty in her day
Rodeo queen, making hearts bleed, starring in the local magazine
‘till the boredom made her bed
Coming undone, only twenty-one, had to raise a baby hand to mouth
In this barely city of home spun strangers
A sleepy little population
Tranquilizing Abelene Rose

When you gonna make up your mind
When you gonna wake up and kiss goodbye
All those empty promises haunting you so
When you gonna, Abelene Rose
Who knows…

Ah but, like stormy breezes
He crashes into you
Straight as an arrow
Reviving the truth

He was a rolling tumbleweed
Kickin’ up dust with his bag of tricks giving heart-breaking double time
Until a thorn reversed his smile
Happiness gets what only happy gives, even schemer’s have their bitter ending
With one eye open, their soul’s conspired
Knowing one would do the staying
and that one would do the leaving behind — good bye


Even schemers are forgiven
Even dreamer’s fear the living
Hurry up – Your baby’s waiting
A life that’s lived has no regretting