Are You Listening

Baby I been all around the world
Seen the lay of the sultan’s pearl
Buried in the harem of the earth
I saw my face in the dancing girl
Veiled in blue and gold
Life’s a stage, so I’ve been told

Someday it’ll dawn on me
Don’t know how, don’t know when
Things happen when the time is right
Most often in the darkest light
It’s more than a mystery
More than luck, more than whim
So I’m standin’ in the ole belfry
My hearts ringing
Are you listening?

Always feast or famine never fails
No it’s not enough till it’s never there
Happiness is where the heart remains
Always free to fly, ever free to stay
No, no one, no one should abide
Nothing less than clear blue skies


So long ago history claimed
She understood, he was to blame
No never again, will long arms win in the end