Chaussure’s Complex

Love Me,
Don’t let shoes stand in the way of all this awkward romance
Unless it’s clear, you’d prefer another pair to wear, pied a terre
Just say you may, trip the night away

Lead Me,
Of our own volition, no misgivings, chaussurre’s complex
When you’re hand in mine, sends a tempo to my heel and toe
Before you know
The stockings hung from whence the shoes were flung

Stay, if you will
Remain perfectly still
Just to contrast the beat of my heart
Leave it at that, on the small of my back
Let loose to roam where it will

Hold Me,
Like a slipper’s fit, we’ll contemplate the last temptation
On the heals of love, we’ll incorporate the him, the her,
the pas de deux
And before too long, we’ll have a fav’rite song
Rehearsing all our tomorrow’s from now on