I Saw Love Today

With the sun on his back, in the heart of the sidewalk
He took her arm in his hand, just to feel her against it
Fingers tensing — pulses beating — quickened breathing

I saw love today
Charming as they play
Like needles in the hay

In the still of the night through the blinds of my window
They carry on unafraid, in the down of their pillows
Secrets telling — shadows dancing — glasses spilling

I saw love today
Heavy as they lay
Like needles in the hay

The sea of lonely, dive in and out everyday
He’s falling, she’s pulling away

I saw love today
I saw love today
Like needles in the hay

Can’t hide behind the feelings all foggin’ up your mind
The moon is bright, the candle lights beggin’ you
To try on this love for size
Knowin’ that it’s feelin’ just fine

The enemies of yesterday have nothin’ to inform you
They hang around collectin’ dust until you sweep em’
Out that door, baby
Sing the blues, that’s what they’re for

Cause if you can, I can try,
Make no mistake, baby
Love against all odds…will rise

Standin’ in the daylight for everyone to see
Without a doubt it’s my turn to cause the world to stare
Watch me now and see if I care

Cause if I can, you can try
We’ll start a revolution
Love against all odds…will rise
Will rise — will rise

I saw love today
In the eyes of a lover that’s holding a mirror
To my face
I saw love is the promise,
Love is the chance we take
I saw love, I’m lookin’ at love

Touch it, you can feel it
Free it, you can be it
The proof is in the vision
Cause seeing is believing

Right now I’ll testify it
I’ll look you in the eye and
And let it be done
There’s a love for everyone