I’m Lookin’ for that Number

I got a bone to pick, I got an itch to scratch
I’m feeling palpitations of a heart attack
I gotta tie my bonnet hard across my back
And shoulder my pride, and shoulder my pride

If all the questions asked were ever satisfied
And everyone could have a piece of cherry pie
Would the combat warrant what we sacrifice
Or could we shoulder our pride
Could we shoulder our pride

Because I’m fit to be tied of singing the blues
The cows in the meadow, and the man’s on the moon
The concept is simple, but concepts elude
If anybody knows where I’m growing old
I’m lookin for that number (4X)

Cuz if you said to stay or if you said to jump
And everybody had a case of “Monkey Does”
Would the slapback feel just like a hand in glove
Or could you shoulder your pride
Say could you shoulder it baby

Cuz there’s an omen in the point of no return
And there’s a beauty in the face of what’s absurd
But right now I stand before you bare and burned
And I can shoulder my pride, said I can shoulder my pride