A Bee in your Bonnet

Dear Friends,

A Sleepin’ Bee is up in the air looking for bouquets.  I don’t need her in my house anymore, but dancing in greener pastures near and far.

No release has been successful on the merit of music alone, it’s about the colony; the body of music lovers who are hungry for art high-flung and heartfelt.  I can attest that this project has taken me back to the very core of who I am as an artist, it’s the comfy chair with the well worn fabric, the tea leaves perfectly steeped, rocking in the belly of something you profoundly know and love.  I don’t know why it took me so long to make a record of standards, I always thought my original music shared my most personal story, but I know now that I am laid bare and proud of it.  

My hope is that somehow I can get this message out there, so I can practice the work, play  and grow.  The only way to blossom more fully is to play and play often.  The only way there will be another Sleepin’ Bee or album of originals is if this music can live beyond my living room walls.  Will you help me share this music?  I’ve already blown my horn, I rely on your voices to sing the words now.

With Love and Gratitude,