Musical Mahem on Another Level – NYV Live

Of the 25 years that New York Voices has been on the scene, I’m coming up on my 21st year on this E Ticket Ride on April 1st. Yup, April Fools Day. But this day all those years ago made no fool of me, but instead designed a seasoned road warrior and fed this musically curious mind to the brim. We have shared life’s ups and downs, our marriages, our babies, our […] Read more »

12 Tracks in 24 Hours!

Have you heard the one about the rabbit and the hat? Well, that’s what we did on February 14 and 15, 2013. We tracked 12 songs in 24 hours. Poof, you are a record! I can’t quite express the ease and joy in which these songs went to tape last week. It was the vibe I wanted to create, an atmosphere that was relaxed, filled with good friends and musicians and a […] Read more »

Kickstarter Fund Funds Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

On October 29, Hurricane Sandy hit 1000 miles of the Eastern Seaboard like no other Hurricane in recent decades. As a Long Island resident, we were evacuated for Hurricane Irene and saw our hamlet sustain serious damage from the ocean breaching Dune Roads, Bays and Canal communities. So when the news said this was going to a larger storm, we didn’t even doubt that it would and could have it’s way with […] Read more »

Final Days of the Kickstarter Extravaganza!

Dear Friends, I’m happy to report I am nearing the completion of my maiden voyage down the Kickstarter Canal.  With only a few more screws loose than were loose before, I can say this project is looking like it will move forward.  Because of almost daily stealth midnight postings to the Facebook Nation, multiple annoying email blasts to a tolerant list of fans and the good graces of hundreds of Pledgees who […] Read more »

Circle in a Square meets My Painted Lady Butterfly

Dear Friends, While my Kickstarter Campaign to raise the funds for my new CD is ongoing til December 17, I have already commissioned some artists to begin work on depicting each of the 12 songs.  They aren’t just any group of artists, though, they are family and close friends.  I’m drawing upon the world I grew up in, incorporating their splendid inspiration into a CD coming full circle. I grew up in […] Read more »

New York Voices is turning 25!

Shocking, I know.  Cuz we look so young, right?  But it’s true, the group will be celebrating it’s 25th anniversary throughout 2013.  And what better way to do that than start releasing product. In February, just in time to blow out the candles, we’ll be putting out a live concert we did with the WDR Big Band in Cologne, Germany under the direction of Michael Abene.  This is one of the best […] Read more »

Lauren Kinhan releases Avalon on May 18

Lauren Kinhan "Avalon" cover

Lauren Kinhan has been — and is — many things in her life: vocalist, songwriter, producer, musician, mother and wife. For most of her career, she’s been best known as a member of the highly acclaimed jazz vocal group, The New York Voices. As if to solidify her reputation as a group singer, in the past few years she’s also been performing regularly with two additional vocal ensembles, the more experimental Moss […] Read more »