Avalon featured in Fall 2010 Jazziz Sampler

Hey People,

Jazziz is featuring “Here After” from Avalon in their Fall 2010 issue. It’s a very cool thing to have my music sit along side Miles Davis, Danilo Perez, Billy Childs, Randy Brecker and many more. They selected one of my art songs, if you will, that features a wonderful string arrangement by Rob Mounsey, Peter Eldridge on Piano (the co-writer), Jody Redhage on Cello and the incomparable Jonatha Brooke on the duet. It’s a song I wrote after paying a shiva call and noticed among all the well wishers an awareness still of my friend’s mother’s presence in the room, her living room, her kitchen, her home. For those of you who don’t know, this is a custom in the jewish tradition where you pay your respects to the family and loved ones of the person they lost by going to their home immediately upon their passing, or within days. By doing so, you enter a home, in this case the homemakers, and much of what she was doing before she passed was still there, as if she still might return to finish the book, to fold the laundry, to do the dishes, etc. I got lost in these thoughts and very quickly the words began to come. Luckily, Peter and I had recently written a new song that was awaiting it’s story. It was the perfect tone for the images I wanted to paint and honestly, it all came together very quickly after that.

I think it shows panache on the part of Michael Fagien, the publisher, as the song is not a traditional jazz piece, but a merging of my sensibilities as a long time jazz artist and a composer who likes to meander and merge different palettes in an attempt to keep the definition of jazz a robust and broad minded fellowship.

Pick up your copy today and you get a free 2 CD collection to whet your appetite to check out more music you might like to explore further.

Happy Fall!!