Bittersweet Honey, A Year in Reflection

Dear Friends,

Funny how another year slips by, so many miles traveled, notes sung, and momentous life moments lived.  Surviving the Trump era is proving to be challenging, but I am regaining my footing, finding where I can be vigilant, while also putting my energies into positive growth and giving.  I know I had to find a balance, what for madness and despair are lousy comediennes.  It’s been a year of extremes, joyful musical dreams coming true in the form of A Sleepin’ Bee, while facing another battle of cancer with my mom on the receiving end of toxic cocktails and radioactive lightsabers.  I went from not caring a hoot about the music to joyously celebrating my daughter’s sweet 16 birthday (how did that happen?).  BALANCE.  Somehow, you have to keep going.  The world will swallow you whole should you take your eye away from the prize, LOVE.  I’m devoted to my musical life, a fickle lover that brings me the sweetest cup of tea and then ignores me with nary a tweet.  I inhabit the music, but it reminds me that I am one in a million on the map and there will always be the new, the old, and the old that’s new again.

A Sleepin’ Bee has been a giving tree.  My Kickstarter family showed me to have faith in community and that we all want art to stay alive with a shared sense of responsibility toward its preservation.  One crowd fund at a time, we make things, other’s dreams and inventions come true, and the human spirit and thinker’s mind is rewarded for risking to ask other’s to join their cause.  These things make me feel connected to something other than Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond and TJ Maxx.  The small business person who waits for no one and forges their own path.  INDUSTRY.  Passion without certainty, but certain to be determined

I don’t know if I’ll sell 10 or 100 copies of A Sleepin’ Bee.  I just know that the making of the music reconnected me to my alma mater, Berklee College of Music, bonded me to a handful of bright engineering students who embraced the making of the music from start to finish, reaffirmed my love and respect for Andy Ezrin and his pianistic imagination, inspired me to believe that the musicians on the recording and the ones that have come before and will come again are passionate partners in the dance and treasured friends, blessed by another opportunity to make an idea whole with Elliot Scheiner who continues to believe in me when there seems no profound reason to hitch his train to my caboose, and reminded me that my family is my most profound fan, believer and benefactor.  I would no sooner have become the artist I am today without their unfailing devotion to me and my ideas and the timely phone calls when the well runs dry.  

I hope there’s another record in my future.  “Women’s Work” is well under construction, but first, 2018 must bear some fruit from a honey bee’s pollination.  One can never know where the road will take you, surely for me, it’ll be home for the holidays for some much needed communion and reflection and then back on the music train January 1 with more dreams hitched to my satchel.   

Wishing you all a beautiful Holiday Season of bright shiny faces and a 2018 Fanfare that fills you with inspiration and light.

Yours in Music and Humanity,