Bobby McFerrin Rocks the World with his VOCAbuLarieS

Bobby McFerrin "VOCAbuLarieS" CoverThe press has been glowing. I’m not surprised. The sound is enormous, layered so tightly you can’t slip a feather between the parts. The rhythms are earthy, joyful, raucous, and the voices, well, the voices are so many, yet, you can still hear some singular voices you’ve come to know in and among the chorus of one.

I can tell you first hand, this project was quite a journey. I was part of some of the earlier concepts and watched it grow to be the gorgeous masterpiece it is today. So many of us from the singer’s community were part of this story, this idea that began in Linda Goldstein’s brain, slowly finding the perfect interpreter, interpolator, and ingest-or in Roger Treece of Bobby’s music and gospel and building it layer by layer, note by note. Bobby is a high aspiration for any vocalist/musician to reach for, and Roger is equally as challenging with his ear so finely tuned to precision, detail, nuance and inflection, like that of McFerrin. No phrase was left without a task and no singer left his session without feeling like they had to go into some deep trance in order to give the notes, and Roger, what they wanted.

I often tracked my alto parts with Janis Siegel. This is where I came to know and love her and I’m happy to say, JaLaLa is a wonderful outgrowth of this project.

Art waits for no one. However, art does require benefactors in order to be seen and heard on a larger scale. Ideas are many, but being able to follow through so thoroughly on a concept speaks to the devotion and dedication of the production and creative staff, as well as the many singers that came to this project so willingly before promises could even be kept. And thank goodness artists understand that art must happen, otherwise, we wouldn’t have this great work for the world to enjoy today.

Thank you Bobby! Thank you Linda! Thank you Roger! Your craft is divine. And thank you to all the vocalists that gave their hearts and sounds to this music. The circle is complete.

Run to the store or your computer and buy this CD. Let’s have more high art where this came from, shall we?