Downbeat gives 4 1/2 Stars for A Sleepin’ Bee

Dear Friends, The day after Christmas I got advance notice that in Downbeat’s February 2018 issue there’d be a glowing review for A Sleepin’ Bee!  A near perfect collection of stars – 4 1/2 to be exact.  What a gift! I’m so happy that the record is resonating so well with so many people. You can read the review here. Let’s keep the buzz alive. Yours, Lauren Downbeat ASB 2018 Read more »

Top 50 New Recordings of 2017!

A little bird whispered in my ear that they consider A Sleepin’ Bee in his Top 30 picks for 2017.  Scott Yanow posted this story on his blog.  The company in the list is mighty fine.  Look for Scott’s review of A Sleepin’ Bee in February’s Downbeat Magazine. As is always true, no “best of” list of jazz recordings for a particular year would be complete unless it included hundreds of recordings. […] Read more »

Bittersweet Honey, A Year in Reflection

Dear Friends, Funny how another year slips by, so many miles traveled, notes sung, and momentous life moments lived.  Surviving the Trump era is proving to be challenging, but I am regaining my footing, finding where I can be vigilant, while also putting my energies into positive growth and giving.  I know I had to find a balance, what for madness and despair are lousy comediennes.  It’s been a year of extremes, […] Read more »

A Bee in your Bonnet

Dear Friends, A Sleepin’ Bee is up in the air looking for bouquets.  I don’t need her in my house anymore, but dancing in greener pastures near and far. No release has been successful on the merit of music alone, it’s about the colony; the body of music lovers who are hungry for art high-flung and heartfelt.  I can attest that this project has taken me back to the very core of […] Read more »

Jazz Times features A Sleepin’ Bee

In the wheels up phase of any CD launch, you hope for good weather, ease in take off and blue skies.  In all my learning in producing and releasing records over the years, anything can happen, nothing can happen and everything in between.   In gaining momentum for A Sleepin’ Bee’s release, I’m so happy that Christopher Loudon of Jazz Times decided to do a feature about the project; a nice battle […] Read more »

A Sleepin’ Bee is Wide Awake

Dear Friends and Kickstarter Backers, My website had a melt down and a few posts were lost when the Kickstarter campaign funded.  Like all things, technology needs a little TLC every once in a while and I’m grateful to my designer for putting things back in order.  In the meantime, I have been quite productive, so much so that  we are preparing to launch A Sleepin’ Bee!!  Truly thrilling. Because of the […] Read more »

Join the Fund! A New Kickstarter is Launched

Dear Friends, I’m excited to announce the launch of my second Kickstarter campaign.  We’re raising the funds necessary to produce my latest outing, a tribute to the great Nancy Wilson.  Inspired by the Cannonball Adderley collaboration, I began exploring Nancy’s songbook from the beginning of her career and got as far as 1964.  We selected and gussied-up 11 songs, with the help of my pal, pianist and co-arranger, Andy Ezrin, and got […] Read more »

Lightning in a bottle

They say timing is everything.  I say, being ready for timing is everything.  And so the following dream came true as thus……. I thought my last CD’s message was all about life coming full circle, hence the title Circle in a Square, but this latest project is that and some, kinda feels like Lightning in a Bottle.  At the top of 2017, Elliot Scheiner and I found ourselves at my alma mater Berklee […] Read more »

Let Freedom Sing

I really don’t know where to begin. Facebook, like a secret lover, has whisked me away from my duties of sharing on this platform.  It used to be I felt weird self promoting.  All that “look at me, see what I’m doing, I’ve got a cool life” kind of stuff, it was strange.  Then I started to dip my toe in, “look at me here with NYV, look at these super cool […] Read more »

A Summer Residency – A New Project Begins

I’m happy to share the news that I will be spending some time at the new Jazz Loft opening in Stony Brook, NY.  This special venue functions as a museum of collected jazz memorabilia and houses a lovely performance space on the second floor.  Curator and jazz trumpeter Tom Manuel has repurposed The Stone Jug, the local watering hole back in the 1940s, to function as a cultural exchange and education center […] Read more »