It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a Book!

Dear Friends, I’m happy to announce that the Book of Lead Sheets is finally avaialbe for purchase. As we all know, art takes time, and even more so, paint takes even longer to hit the canvas and cure. My goal setting out on this project was to make a Look Book which housed the lead sheets from Circle in a Square and featured artwork that I commissioned to depict the spirit of […] Read more »

NPR Shoutout!

I had the pleasure of talking with NPR’s charming David Brancaccio of Mareketplace last January, upon the heels of releasing Circle in a Square. We talked about my Kickstarter journey and how modern day musicians are keeping their creative lives bubbling along through this crowd sourcing model. There’s no question it was a stimulating process. It required me to do more soul searching and pre production than I have done in the […] Read more »

Circle in a Square hits the Bullseye!

Dear Visitors, I’m happy to report that Circle in a Square has recieved glowing reviews.  As I braced myself for absolutely anything, I was thrilled that the way in which I had hoped the CD would be heard is, in fact, the way it was received.  I don’t try to be difficult in picking a team to play for or to, but I have always served my creative process first before thinking […] Read more »

My Joyful Humble Pie

Dear Friends, I’m so happy to report that the initial Circle in a Square tour is firmly under my belt.  I’m grateful for all my road experience, because I needed it to help me successfully navigate the rollercoaster that ensued.  It was challenging work traveling in this crazy winter weather, and working with new people at almost every gig, but the performances were their own animal, I loved being in the moment […] Read more »

358 Days Ago………….

Circle in a Square cover art

Dear Friends, When all this began 358 days ago, who knew we’d clear so many hurdles and get this out to market before another Valentine’s day passed.  The smartest thing I ever did was pick up the phone and call my good friend and master sonic wizard Elliot Scheiner.  He signed on without hearing a note of music, just a clink of a wine glass over some veal piccatta, and we were […] Read more »

The Deep and Defining Line

Dear Friends, As these things go, it all comes down to the mad dash to the finish line.  Artwork is being finessed, press releases are being drafted and redrafted, gigs are getting booked, moved and rebooked.  Game on.  I haven’t left my kitchen table where my computer sits, always at the ready, with empty teapots, coffee pots and crumbs strewn about demarking a spot that’s well lived in.  Right now, I have […] Read more »

What rhymes with Terry Litmus?

Dear New York Voices Fans, We’ve done it!  We’ve been threatening for years, and we’ve finally done it!  Holiday Cheer is coming right to your doorstep from the four of us.  With the help of the incomporable Elliot Scheiner and our fearless arranger Darmon, we’ve rounded up 13 traditional and secular favorites and took them on a sleigh ride.  Let it Snow promises to be a classic in your annual celebrations for many years […] Read more »

Musical Mahem on Another Level – NYV Live

Of the 25 years that New York Voices has been on the scene, I’m coming up on my 21st year on this E Ticket Ride on April 1st. Yup, April Fools Day. But this day all those years ago made no fool of me, but instead designed a seasoned road warrior and fed this musically curious mind to the brim. We have shared life’s ups and downs, our marriages, our babies, our […] Read more »

12 Tracks in 24 Hours!

Have you heard the one about the rabbit and the hat? Well, that’s what we did on February 14 and 15, 2013. We tracked 12 songs in 24 hours. Poof, you are a record! I can’t quite express the ease and joy in which these songs went to tape last week. It was the vibe I wanted to create, an atmosphere that was relaxed, filled with good friends and musicians and a […] Read more »

Kickstarter Fund Funds Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

On October 29, Hurricane Sandy hit 1000 miles of the Eastern Seaboard like no other Hurricane in recent decades. As a Long Island resident, we were evacuated for Hurricane Irene and saw our hamlet sustain serious damage from the ocean breaching Dune Roads, Bays and Canal communities. So when the news said this was going to a larger storm, we didn’t even doubt that it would and could have it’s way with […] Read more »