Circle in a Square meets My Painted Lady Butterfly

Dear Friends,

While my Kickstarter Campaign to raise the funds for my new CD is ongoing til December 17, I have already commissioned some artists to begin work on depicting each of the 12 songs.  They aren’t just any group of artists, though, they are family and close friends.  I’m drawing upon the world I grew up in, incorporating their splendid inspiration into a CD coming full circle.

I grew up in a house where artists of all sorts were around.  My mother has a natural ability at most anything.  We’d often come home from school and find her in the basement sculpting or painting.  I’ll never forget a 4’x3′ oil study of a Kandinsky that she decided to do.  I grew up staring at that painting over the sofa and only in recent years did I have the pleasure of seeing it in person at the Guggenheim.  It was a quiet thrill to come face to face with it and feel like, gee, my mom’s version was pretty damn good!

And while her natural ability was evident, she was equally as passionate about buying and supporting other artists.  My mother owned a wine store in Portland and a high end gift shop on the coast of Oregon.  A big part of those ventures included representing and showing art.  Our dinner table was often visited by local artists that my mom had discovered, many of whom continue to be a part of our extended family to this day.

Circle in a Square is a full spectrum of music that shows all my interests as a composer.  I want to infuse these visual artist’s works in the story and packaging, because they are as much responsible for the shaping of my creative mind as my back ground in dance and my lifelong passion for music.

My mom and brother David – who is a painter and teacher of fine art – are in production, and I expect rough sketches any day.  My cousin Paul Slifer is nearing completion of his contribution.  He is a tattooist, illustrator and painter living and working in Edinburgh, UK.  He began tattooing in 1990 while attending the Rhode Island School of Design where he received a BFA in painting.  His tattoo work is award winning and frequently published in international tattoo magazines and books.  Paul owns and operates Red Hot and Blue tattoo, one of the UK’s most respected tattoo studios, in the heart of Scotland’s capital.  I asked him to work on “My Painted Lady Butterfly,” a jazz waltz about a wild and beautiful young woman on the verge of who she is to become.  I’m sharing the early outline of the tatoo/painting.  You can view the full process of his work and the work of the other artists by joining my Kickstarter Campaign.

Come on, join the FUND!

Best, Lauren