Final Days of the Kickstarter Extravaganza!

Dear Friends,

I’m happy to report I am nearing the completion of my maiden voyage down the Kickstarter Canal.  With only a few more screws loose than were loose before, I can say this project is looking like it will move forward.  Because of almost daily stealth midnight postings to the Facebook Nation, multiple annoying email blasts to a tolerant list of fans and the good graces of hundreds of Pledgees who have kicked in and spread the word, this project will likely have it’s day in the sun.

But there is still more work to be done.  We have a little more to raise in order to reach the $17,000 goal.  The number changes by the minute, so I can’t report an accurate need, but as of 12/14, we still need around $2,000.  It’s a lot or a little depending on how you look at it.  Here’s some fun math facts:  If 100 folks pre ordered the CD for $20, we’re done.  If 40 people pre ordered the CD and Book of Lead Sheets for $50, we’re good to go!  And if 44.44444 people pre ordered all three of my solo projects (Hardly Blinking, Avalon, and the new one, Circle in a Square), we’d be cookin’ with gas.  So, it’s within reach.  And hopefully, you were planning on buying the CD anyway, so this is just your promissory note.

in my prior story, I shared one of the pieces of artwork that I commissioned for the Book of Lead Sheets.  Each song is getting it’s own artistic interpretation by different artists that I know and love.  Most of them are family in one way or another.  This project is kind of a celebration of my journey in the arts, and these people and artists have played a huge role in the development of my creative mind.  So what better way to explain how I got here than by introducing you to the cast and characters that contributed to my story.

My cousin, Paul Slifer, has finished his watercolor depicting my jazz waltz, “My Painted Lady Butterfly.”  The tea stained paper gives this painting an aura and earthiness that I just love.  Here, you will see the final version.  Paul is the owner of the tatoo shop, Red Hot and Blue in Edinburgh, Scotland and a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design.  I wanted his take on my Butterfly and I could not be more pleased with his depiction.  This song is about wild youth and the search for what to do in one’s life.

Next up is this first draft by my dear friend, Amy Estrin.  She is working on my song, “Chaussure’s Complex.”  I began this song when this statement came spilling out of my mouth, “Love me, don’t let shoes stand in the way of all this awkward romance.”  It was just the tongue and cheek I was looking for in the writing assignment I gave myself and I am very pleased with how it evolved.  It’s a rhumba with humor and attitude, just what the doctor ordered.  And Amy is just the girl for the job.  Amy graduated from The Museum Art School (currently called PNCA) in 1982.  She showed extensively in Portland, Oregon’s art scene.  Later she opened The Whole 9 Yards, an interior fabric store, with her husband Jamie Eoff in 1991.  I can’t wait to see how this evolves!!  Go Amy!


I have more commissions in the works and look forward to sharing the “rushes.”

So please join me if you can on this latest undertaking.  It’s a recording, it’s a retrospective, it’s my life coming full circle, it’s “Circle in a Square.”

Yours, Lauren