I get a Kick out of You!!!

Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce the launch of my Kickstarter Campaign.  I have been getting this together for the last couple of months and I finally pushed the green button.  I’m excited and freaked out at the same time.   It’s a huge leap of faith into a new way of creating art and alliances with friends and strangers.  I’m telling you, the veteran coterie are shedding their old pumps for a new set of stilettos.

I’ve cooked up a new batch of songs that I am very proud of and anxious to have recorded.  Elliot Scheiner was the first to get the momentum running by agreeing to co produce this with me.  Done, the music is going to sound fantastic under his care.  I’ve asked my favorite musicians to help me do it:  Andy Ezrin on Piano, Ben Wittman on Drums, Dave Finck and Will Lee on Bass.  And then I reached out to my wish list and things started to get hot!  Paquito D’Rivera, Randy Brecker and Romero Lubambo, among others, are on board and ready to go.

I’m learning all kinds of new skills these days, like producing the video for this project.  HELLO, I think I lost more sleep over this than everything else combined.  It’s no Fellini, but what the hell, it’s this woman’s honest attempt at getting the ball rolling.

If this peaks your curiosity, please visit my Kickstarter page to read on.  I would be ever so grateful to you for your support and promise to make the best CD possible.

Much Gratitude, Lauren