Join the Fund! A New Kickstarter is Launched

Dear Friends,

I’m excited to announce the launch of my second Kickstarter campaign.  We’re raising the funds necessary to produce my latest outing, a tribute to the great Nancy Wilson.  Inspired by the Cannonball Adderley collaboration, I began exploring Nancy’s songbook from the beginning of her career and got as far as 1964.  We selected and gussied-up 11 songs, with the help of my pal, pianist and co-arranger, Andy Ezrin, and got them ready for their day in their sun.  And that day came suddenly in the new year when we reached out to Berklee College of Music and found an opportunity to pair with them an educational project for their students to sit along side 7 time Grammy Award Winning, Elliot Schiener, and observe a record be recorded in the space of two days.  We had two weeks to put together the band, rehearse them in one fell swoop, and be ready for prime time in the first weekend of February.

Hal Leonard joined in on the fun, capturing the ‘making of’ footage for the teaching module they are producing with Elliot as the star.  And for my benefit, we have lots of wonderful material to edit and put together to help us tell our story now and in the future.

Quickly following the recording came the mix.  We invited the students to join us and they did so without haste.

So we find ourselves in the scenario, “the art before the cart.”  We had to seize the opportunity to record at Berklee, but we didn’t have time to launch our Kickstarter at the same time.  I know my limits and that would have been too much to navigate; what with producing, teaching, being video taped, phew, I’m happy we pulled all that off with such success as it is.  So we find ourselves now reaching out to YOU, to help us finish what we started!  And there is still so very much to do: mastering, artwork, licensing, marketing and promotion, etc.  

Won’t you join us on this adventure?  Follow the link below to learn more about the campaign, the incentives you can purchase, and how to become more involved.

Lauren Kinhan Kickstarter Campaign

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yours, Lauren