Moss is Growing in Europe this Fall

Moss PhotoMaking our debut to the European community, Kate McGarry, Theo Bleckmann, Peter Eldridge and myself make the jump across the big pond to share our music with new audiences. The Berlin Jazz Festival was the first to raise their hand earlier this year and it really made it possible for us to seriously consider taking this group international. With a lot of help from Theo’s agent, we soon had a substantial mini tour booked and bags that now need packing. We’ll be bringing over two fine musicians from the States to help us present the music, Keith Ganz on guitar — who also played on the CD — and Kermit Driscoll on bass. We’re meeting up with John Hollenbeck in Germany where he now lives. We’ll be doing music from our eponymous CD and adding new repertoire in the works.

Just to be clear, Luciana Souza will not be joining us on this tour. We have spent a few years shaping the group to work as a quartet, always leaving room for Lu to drop in whenever she can, but also very much wanting to preserve the initial goal of the collective – to play, write and share music and ideas with one another and push ourselves out of safe places.

So again we are pushing ourselves, only now to distant shores. We hope you can meet us at one of our many stops along the way. Please visit our website, or our Facebook page to learn more about us. I’ve posted our tour itinerary on my website, but it’s also available on the Moss site.

With Great Appreciation,