Moss named in DownBeat’s Best of the 2000s

MossWith a new decade dawning, DownBeat looked back at the top recordings and pervasive music-industry trends of the last 10 years. Their retrospective study includes a complete listing of all the 5-star and 4.5-star reviews published in these pages since the turn of the century. As Fred Bouchard wrote in that notable review, “Innovative vocal ensembles are a rare bread, and Moss is sui generis …. The stately pace of this debut is as daring as the venture itself. Seldom rising above poised whispers and medium tempo, Moss magically informs each song with dreamy textures that speak with astounding self assurance…. A little more airplay oomph, and I’d have gone the full five stars for this hushed masterpiece.”

Shawn Brady said in September 2008’s DownBeat feature article, “…Moss has mined a new vein in the vocal jazz tradition.” The beauty of the group is that there is no particular intention other than to please themselves. Maybe that’s why it works.

In recent months, there have been some meetings, developing new music and looking at calendars. The hope is to have another batch of tunes to share and a show or two to prepare. For the latest information on Moss and their whereabouts, visit