Musical Mahem on Another Level – NYV Live

Of the 25 years that New York Voices has been on the scene, I’m coming up on my 21st year on this E Ticket Ride on April 1st. Yup, April Fools Day. But this day all those years ago made no fool of me, but instead designed a seasoned road warrior and fed this musically curious mind to the brim. We have shared life’s ups and downs, our marriages, our babies, our hopes and our dreams. We have learned how to survive this fickle business and forge on with sometimes only one of us rowing. We have learned how to make this group work living in four separate States, rehearsing in hotel rooms and thriving off of deadlines. It’s not a perfect storm of productivity, but what makes this group special is that very thing. We have a tempo, for better or for worse, and we let whatever blossom is pushing to the surface, fight to break ground and get our collective attention. Once its in the ethos, it cues up and awaits its assortment of notes and rehearsal process. Not every song gets completed and not every wish gets granted, but we’ve done our best to please ourselves and hopefully please our listeners. And that’s that.

With New York Voices Live, we went back and collected some old favorites, some in rotation staples and a couple newbies. Then we threw them to the brilliant musical mind of Michael Abene. Now he’s a force to be reckoned with. And the super sweet thing about Michael is he was the producer of NYV’s debut recording back in 1989, so it’s truly a career coming full circle for the group. Combining his powerful arrangements with the WDR big band – of which he is the creative director – is already a match made in jazz heaven, add NYV, and you’ve got musical mayhem on another level. We are so thrilled to have this retrospective of our career – thus far – captured, and are even more happy that so much wonderful press has concurred:

The big band arrangements, raw energy and excitement of New York Voices Live propels this elite group to another level.

A sizzling vocal and instrumental experience.

Slithery, masterful, multilayered and dazzlingly cacophonous.

We are leaping up the Jazz Charts which is still fun after all these years (currently #9 as of 3/30/13). I know it doesn’t matter, but the mystery is entertaining (especially when it’s working in our favor) and it gives our proud parents something to brag about at the library.

I hope you get a chance to check it out. And while you’re at it, visit our new website,

Yours, Lauren