New York Voices is turning 25!

Shocking, I know.  Cuz we look so young, right?  But it’s true, the group will be celebrating it’s 25th anniversary throughout 2013.  And what better way to do that than start releasing product.

In February, just in time to blow out the candles, we’ll be putting out a live concert we did with the WDR Big Band in Cologne, Germany under the direction of Michael Abene.  This is one of the best big bands on the planet, every musician is a stand out.  Abene writes so well for his band and he also really understands New York Voices.  You see, he produced their debut CD back in the late 80’s, so how appropriate that this is the project that gets the ball rolling on the big year – Life coming full circle.  (Apparently, there’s a lot of that going around, as I too am releasing my solo CD that is entitled “Circle in a Square” which address’ said topic quite heavily.)

The CD is a collection of NYV old favorites, current in-rotation tunes, and a few never recorded and/or new arrangements.  The other cool thing about the recording is it stretches.  There are lots of featured soloists that break up the usual vocal palette and make it an all together different NYV experience.

It’s coming out on the Palmetto label.  I’ll keep you posted on the exact release date and provide all necessary links to get that into your hot little hands.

Cheerio, Lauren