NPR Shoutout!

I had the pleasure of talking with NPR’s charming David Brancaccio of Mareketplace last January, upon the heels of releasing Circle in a Square. We talked about my Kickstarter journey and how modern day musicians are keeping their creative lives bubbling along through this crowd sourcing model. There’s no question it was a stimulating process. It required me to do more soul searching and pre production than I have done in the past, and because of that, I feel I was able to more swiftly conceive, produce and release this project. By anyone’s high standards of expectation, this was recorded, mixed and released in the space of 11 months. All while maintaining a full touring schedule with New York Voices and keeping up with my family life!

The NPR spot spiked a new rush of CD sales and fans. It’s so nice to know that national radio has such an influential voice and can help small business owners such as myself to wider reaches and markets.

Thank You David and Thank you NPR.