Only the Muse Knows………..

Dear Friends,

If you’re reading this, you are a member of a very exclusive and small musical circle. Maybe so small you don’t even realize what you’ve stumbled upon, or better yet, you do know and you are cozying up to hear a little news and drink a toast to a year dashing to a close. Either way, welcome.

This time last year, I was proofing the artwork, ordering the CDs and hoping it all would arrive from the Czech Republic in time to fill some stockings. Alas, the 2,000 CDs came in bits and starts, some lost and wandering around with other holiday gifts adrift in the mail madness, with only one single case arriving Dec 20th in time for me to rush out 400 advance copies to the press and radio. That seems like a lifetime ago. All anticipation has washed clean now, the message has been delivered, ‘cept for a moment of reflection.

Circle-in-a-square-coverMaking this record, Circle in a Square, was meant to be the summation of one era and the beginning of a new one. And I believe it did just that. It was the most creatively satisfying and liberating experience I’ve had in my entire career so far. Partnering with Elliot Scheiner was the first brilliant move. Next was choosing the musicians who would best interpret the songs – Andy Ezrin, Ben Wittman, David Finck and Will Lee. And finally, being fortunate to have so many wonderful special guests lend their voice to the work, the lily was gilded. I love and admire these musicians and friends and I am so thankful they took this ride with me. I’m proud of the music we put forth, the original songs that made it to the final 12, and the ideas that sprung from funny and smart people collaborating and capturing a moment in time.

I am also most grateful to my Kickstarter family who signed on to fund this project and put their faith in me. I love the way it felt to be accountable to 201 people. I love making music and the creative process, the gift is having the opportunity to put it to practise. So I really do know how fortunate I am. Thank you Kickstarter folk. You changed my life.

Photo by Yasumasa Okada

Photo by Yasumasa Okada

And as always is the case, touring the music throughout the year, the music grew. My confidence as a performer and band leader grew. And I see my path now, more clearly than ever. The biggest question is, what will the next project sound like? There will never be another “Circle in a Square.” But there will be other songs to sing……… Only the muse knows, and she’s not talking as yet!

Thank you to everyone who bought the CD, the Book of Lead Sheets and shared your thoughts with me. It really comes down to communicating with one’s audience and trying to offer something thought provoking, something new, something compelling. Thank you for listening, thank you for your encouraging comments, and for spreading the word.

And so it goes, another recording finds its way into the ethos and another artist pulls back from the adventure and asks, “what’s next?”

Wishing you a most Joyous of Holiday Seasons and your own “what’s next?” be full of adventure and laughter,