Sunny with a Chance of Rain

Welcome to the summer wrap party newsletter. And what a party it was! It harkened back to the old days of New York Voices being on the road for six weeks, living out of two huge suitcases and traveling with all our outboard gear and upright bass … only nowadays you can only travel with one 50 pound valise, no outboard gear, no upright bass and just one regular musician in your […] Read more »

May Day!

Is it Spring Yet? Here’s a little shout out to all my winter, housebound, compatriots across the world. I don’t mean to exclude those of you who are already enjoying warm weather, it’s just that, we’ve really had a winter this year. January came along and snowed out one of my Manhattan shows, leaving me no choice but to board the Hampton Jitney and beat the storm before it laid it’s bed. […] Read more »

Moss is Growing in Europe this Fall

Making our debut to the European community, Kate McGarry, Theo Bleckmann, Peter Eldridge and myself make the jump across the big pond to share our music with new audiences. The Berlin Jazz Festival was the first to raise their hand earlier this year and it really made it possible for us to seriously consider taking this group international. With a lot of help from Theo’s agent, we soon had a substantial mini […] Read more »

The Lauren Kinhan Band Hits the Road!

Lauren's on the Move

July 21: Stephen Talkhouse — Amagansett, NY July 23: The Soiled Dove Underground — Denver, CO July 30: Wilfs — Portland, OR Aug 1: Night Town — Cleveland, OH It’s just like the old days—touring on a dime, pick up bands in every port, and cheap hotel rooms by the side of the road. Well, not really, but definitely two out of three. As I continue to introduce myself to many new […] Read more »

And the the Melody Still Lingers On ….

Lauren Kinhan live at Joe's Pub

We had such a great time at Scullers in Boston and Joe’s Pub in NYC celebrating the release of Avalon. The band rocked it, without question. Ben Witman, my co-producer and drummer was up to his usual brilliance. He is the singer-songwriter whisperer. Avalon came to be through his persistence and cajoling, at times, and I am eternally grateful. Peter Eldridge on Piano was wonderful with his deep elegance and twinkle in […] Read more »

JaLaLa — Three for the Road!

JaLaLa Live

On the heals of my CD release shows came the JaLaLa NY debut. I was a bit looney trying to shift gears so quickly and prepare for not one, but two programs where NY venues were the highlight, but somehow I did it and in fact, we did it! With all of our crazy schedules we found time to get the group out there, finally settling on The Egg in Albany and […] Read more »

JaLaLa takes That Old Mercer Magic on the Road

JaLaLa has hit the road. After much scheduling and rescheduling, the ladies of JaLaLa finally managed to find some windows and fill them with their music. NYC seemed the logical place to play, but they felt it best to “warm up” the show in fields just outside city limits. After their debut in February at Walter Veasley’s Jazz Bass in Reading, PA, it seemed likely that the show was going to work. […] Read more »