That’s a Wrap!

Lauren Kinhan Photo

If you’re anything like me, you’re still doing last minute shopping, you’ve forgotten what you’ve bought and you’re now buying a second gift for that person because you can’t remember what you bought or you think it’s not suitable ENOUGH. It’s never enough!! Oh the same voices roll through my head this time of year and the same cloud of doubt comes blazing through about gift giving and exchanging. I sit squarely in the group that doesn’t get their shopping done well in advance, obviously. Why it was only a week after Thanksgiving, I was passing through the airport on my way from here to there that the sales clerk asked me if she could help me with some gift buying ideas — in the news and tchotchka gift shop no less. “Gee, no, but thank you,” I say, and she quickly says she’s done with all her Christmas shopping already. I give the appropriate swoon of admiration and she wallops me with a blow that is just plain brutal, “and they’re wrapped, too.” WHAT! And as I’ve never done before, I bought a copy of O and went through security so I could put a dollar in the massage chair and lick my wounds. I don’t do anything in advance. As you can see, I don’t even get my Christmas message up on my website until it’s Christmas Eve. But now that the clock has won and what’s not bought is not bought, I find a quiet moment to write a thank you note to you.

2010 was a doozy. Launching Avalon was an 8 year process and the joy I feel from having thrown open the windows and booted it out of it’s interior room is extraordinarily satisfying. Accomplishing things is what keeps me ticking. I think we all share this in common. Avalon did respectable in an insane market place where we’re all trying to find our footing. The press gave it some nice notes and the shows were very well received. What’s more, I had soooo much fun. I’ve been in the business for over 25 years, but the feeling never gets old when it feels all lined up. That connection with the audience and my band is what keeps me coming back for more. That I was able to share a moment on stage with my daughter was a particular thrill and made me wonder who was the 8 year old, me or her?

I want to thank everyone who came to a show, bought a CD or somehow supported my art. Without an audience, we play for our moms and pet turtles. And without gigs and deadlines, we can tend to keep it to ourselves, so thank you. I am sufficiently, yet humbly encouraged to warrior on and put the next batch of tunes through their paces. I have learned a lot and I am enjoying the dance more than ever before.

So now I must return to my holiday baking, and putting the final touches on another warm and cozy Christmas and New Year’s celebration.

Wherever you may be, I wish you the very happiest of holidays and may 2011 take you where you want to go.

Peace and Love,