The Deep and Defining Line

Dear Friends,

As these things go, it all comes down to the mad dash to the finish line.  Artwork is being finessed, press releases are being drafted and redrafted, gigs are getting booked, moved and rebooked.  Game on.  I haven’t left my kitchen table where my computer sits, always at the ready, with empty teapots, coffee pots and crumbs strewn about demarking a spot that’s well lived in.  Right now, I have a serious relationship with my computer, so back up, we’re busy.

But on the flip side, it’s coming together and all this hard work is paying off.   The release date is January 7, 2014 and it kicks off at Birdland in NYC!  I’ve never been more excited about a release than this one.  Probably because every part of me has been invested in every facet of the creation, production and launch.  Different from years past where your primary involvement was the creation of the music, today’s artist has to be the producer, composer, arranger, assistant to the producer, social marketing maven, booking agent, musical director, food services, and chief bottle washer.  That intermixed with my New York Voices duties and Mom duties, I fall into bed every night wondering where is this all leading?  How long do I think I can maintain this all people for all jobs pacing before something slips.  And then I wake up the next morning, make my list and start checking things off one by one.

Nope, no one will be able to say I was a slacker in life.  I have always worked hard, made stuff happen and laid it on the line.  This time, that line is deep and defining.  Deep because it matters, it’s always about the music and the expression.  And defining because Circle in a Square, unlike Hardly Blinking and Avalon, is the completion of one circle and the beginning of the next.  I worked it out.  I did the math and it all adds up to “this is it, I’m home.”

And part of that exercise was going outside my circle and reaching out to the greater listening audience.   Through the Kickstarter crowd funding format, I got the seed money for starting this adventure.  Who knew that 203 people would show up ready to send me to work.  I am forever indebted to those friends as in truth, it was a most needed push off the diving board.

And with every new hat I have had to put on, it has demystified the music industry.  We don’t really know how to manipulate this large unwieldy puppet anymore, so why don’t we reinvent the process and cut a new path.  Well, that suits me fine.  I was never much of a joiner anyway.  So I’m gonna make it up.  I’m gonna keep making it up until I get to the next place, wherever and whatever that may be.

So here is the cover artwork for Circle in a Square.  Sandrine Lee is a wonderful photograher and Burton Yount is now in the hot seat of creating the rest of the visual magic.  100 promo copies arrived at my door (well not exactly, I had to drive to the UPS facility to take it off the truck before they shipped it to the wrong address – so add to my list of  job descriptions delivery service) and out they went again to my darling press agent, Ann.  Now it’s her turn to stir the pot.  Next, advance copies to radio to start seeing what catches hold.

And as I close my eyes and hope and hope and hope that a song will speak for me, and a bridge will be built to ensure I do this again and again, I say thank you for listening.  I do hope the music resonates with you as it was intended and that it can bring some joy or solace to your everyday.  And now, I must make another pot of coffee, for the snow has finally come to Long Island and the long winter’s hibernation has begun.