The Lauren Kinhan Band Hits the Road!

Lauren's on the MoveJuly 21: Stephen Talkhouse — Amagansett, NY
July 23: The Soiled Dove Underground — Denver, CO
July 30: Wilfs — Portland, OR
Aug 1: Night Town — Cleveland, OH

It’s just like the old days—touring on a dime, pick up bands in every port, and cheap hotel rooms by the side of the road. Well, not really, but definitely two out of three. As I continue to introduce myself to many new markets, I am attempting to blend in with the locals, so to speak. My faithful friend Peter Eldridge and I are joining forces with some wonderful players in each of these towns and presenting the music from my new release Avalon. The reviews have been great, it’s playing on radio and the buzz is building. I am so excited to get to new parts and introduce myself to new audiences.

With a cool New York vocal vibe … she keeps you interested and in the pocket because she has the chops and she remembers what it is to entertain. In case you ever wondered just where the line is that divides art and artsy, this set will show you how to plant a flag firmly on the art side. Well done. Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Lauren Kinhan’s voice pulls you into her intimate circle of friends while at the same time she has a universal presence. Lauren’s original songs change the mood of the moment. Whether it is a jazz tune, or a saucy mambo or samba, the listener will feel inspired and drawn into the world of Lauren Kinhan’s songs … of her silky smooth and vibrant voice. She is an exceptional performer not to be missed. Margarita Cullimore, KMUN’s Sonidos Latinos host

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Help me spread the word and hopefully I’ll see you there!!!

Best, Lauren